C3 Events offers the best opportunities for Bend restaurants and caterers to increase their publicity and expand their audience base. So don’t miss the chance to become a C3 Events food vendor and have your cuisine sampled by hundreds of new patrons while they enjoy the essence of Bend living.

Please note that our food vendors are selected by “invitation-only” allowing us to configure the quantity and types of food vendors properly at each event. To be considered by C3 Events, please note the following:

  • Complete the Food Vendor Application 

Summer Festival Food Vendor Agreement.pdf

Fall Festival Food Vendor Agreement.pdf

  • You must maintain all necessary health permits and must name C3 Events as additionally insured on your liability insurance policies.
  • You must be exclusively responsible for the security of your booth, and must agree to other conditions outlined in food vendor contract.
  • You may contact our coordinator via email at kirsten@layitoutevents.com
  • Submit a temporary restaurant license to Deschutes County Health Services