Gourmet vendor examples include spices, honey, teas, jerky, baked goods, packaged items and Oregon wines.

  • Bend Spring Festival Gourmet Food & Wine
    • NorthWest Crossing becomes home to gourmet artisans and vintners from the Pacific Northwest. Whether it’s world-class Oregon wines, specialty meats, salts, oils, spices, exotic prepared food or baked treats, there is something for everyone on the Gourmet Food & Wine promenade. 

  • Bend Summer Festival Jazz, Wine & Gourmet Living 
    • Minnesota Avenue becomes the hub for gourmet artisans from the Pacific Northwest to sip, graze and absorb flavors from ! This year, we pair a stellar line up of jazz musicians with world-class wines from Oregon, salts, oils, spices, exotic prepared food and more. Learn how to complement your foodie repertoire from the source, on the street, and with friends. 

    • BankoftheCascadesBendSummerFestivalGourmetFoodandWineAgreement.pdf

  • Bend Fall Festival Gourmet Food & Wine

    • Minnesota Avenue between Bond and Lava brings together amazing gourmet artisans and winters from all over the Pacific Northwest to create an amazing gourmet street. World-class wines, hand-crafted treats, specialty meets, salts, oils, spices and other exotic prepared food, all come together to create a little something for everyone on the Gourmet Food & Wine Promenade
    • Fall Festival Gourmet Vendor Agreement .pdf

If you are accepted to the event(s), you will also be required to fill out a Special Event Winery (SEW) Application for the OLCC. Here is a link to the online PDF SEW form. Please return to the OLCC at least 14 days in advance of the festival for which you are applying. Click here to learn more about SEW applications for OLCC.