The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival

Enjoying 25 years of kicking off the summer season, the Bank of Cascades Bend Summer Festival draws 75,000 visitors for a weekend like no other. Festival features fine artists and craftspeople, artisans and performers, and three stages of some of the best regional and national blues, rock and jazz.

Presented by: The Source Weekly & Hayden Homes

Friday, July 10 (5pm - 11pm)
Saturday, July 11 (11am - 11pm)
Sunday, July 12 (11am - 5pm)

Location: Downtown Bend

Bend Live Music and Festival

Free Concerts on 3 Stages

Fine Artist Promenade

Conscious Living Showcase

Kids Street of Fun

Over 30 Food Vendors

Gourmet Food, Wine and Jazz on Minnesota Avenue










MAINSTAGE | Friday through Sunday | Oregon Street 


Friday, July 10

5:30pm | Boxcar String Band

7:30pm | Redwood Son

9:15pm | Larry and His Flask



Saturday, July 11

11:00am | Wil Kinky Trio

1:00pm  | Device Grips

3:00pm  | Student Loan

5:00pm  | Cooper & The Jam

7:00pm  | Dirty Revival

9:30pm  | Sir Mix-A-Lot


 Sunday, July 12

11:00am | Kalimba - The Spirit of Earth Wind & Fire

1:00pm   | Sarah Billings

3:00pm   | Keegan Smith & The Fam


Cascade Sothebys.png


JAZZ FOOD & WINE STAGE | Friday through Sunday | Minnesota Street

NuShooz.png HighStreetBand.png

Friday July 10

5:30pm | Soul Benders

7:30pm | Previous Byrd Party Band

(featuring High Street Horns)

9:15pm | High Street Band


Saturday July 11

5:00pm | Quadraphonnes

7:00pm | Kalimba - The Spirit of Earth Wind and Fire

9:00pm | Nu Shooz




KPOV logo.jpg



LOCALS ONLYS STAGE | Friday through Sunday | Wells Fargo Bank Parking Lot

Weather Machine.png RumSea.png

Friday July 10

5:30pm | Moonroom

6:30pm | All You All

8:00pm | Stereo Treson

9:30pm | Weather Machine


Saturday July 11

11:00am | Zander Reese

1:00pm   | Trailer 31

3:00pm   | Coyote Willow

4:30pm   | Victory Swig

6:00pm   | Mark Ransom & The Mostest

8:00pm   | Strive Roots

9:30pm   | The Rum and the Sea


Sunday July 12

11:00pm | Smallcano

12:30pm | Just Us

2:00pm   | Out of the Blue Band

3:30pm   | The Swing Letters




Boxcar String Band

Boxcar String Band is an three man rock and roll blues machine that plays an ecletic mix of old rock and roll, blues, hillbilly rock and rockabilly music.  While the band is based out of Bend, Oregon, it’s members bring influence from the greater pacific northwest and far beyond.

Cooper and The Jam

A Veritable fireball, Cooper radiates energy onstage and in the studio. The red haired dynamo was raised in the Oregon coastal mountains, but can be found gypsying about the country stealing hearts. She brings a magical stage presence that lingers long after she has skipped town. Cooper has recently opened for such legends as Wanda Jackson, Mavis Staples, and Robert Plant. Nashville's esteemed Music City Roots calls her "delightful, twinkly, impassioned, and on the make."  

Device Grips

What started as a solo MC/guitar looping project transformed into a vibrant live band featuring funky baselines, flashy horns, fresh beats and gritty melodic conscious hip hop vocals backed by psychedelic instrumentation with hints of *Black Keys + The Roots + Sound Tribe Sector 9.

Dirty Revival

Led by the soulful vocals of Ms. Sarah Clarke and enhanced by verses from mc Evv'n'flo, DR has emerged on the Pacific Northwest music scene with passion and flare. The unique ensemble intermingles classic and original tracks with a resounding presence, no matter how big or small the venue.

Earth Wind & Fire Tribute Band

Kalimba, a Earth, Wind and Fire tribute band will knock your socks off as they take the stage two separate times during the Bend Summer Festival. Reviving one of the greatest bands of all time, you’ll hear the greats including “September”, “Let’s Groove”, “Shining Star”, “Boogie Wonderland”, among many more.

Keegan Smith & The Fam

Keegan Smith and The Fam have been a refreshing staple of Northwest music scene for nearly a decade. Smith's trailblazing style infuses medleys of the bands popular originals with memorable covers by the artists that have most inspired his musical growth. The sound has been compared to the likes of Bob Marley, soul troubadour Martin Sexton, the story rhyme telling of Wyclef Jean, with the gravel filled melodies of Everlast. The Fam's sound has been deemed Urban-Americana (Reggae/Funk/Folk/Hop) and when their improv takes off, the party people rock!!!

Larry and His Flask

Larry and His Flask return to the Bend Summer Festival for one of their only Reunion Tour Shows of 2015. Larry and His Flask are a high energy, five-piece carnival of a band that incorporate rock, folk, bluegrass, soul, brass band, punk and alt-country into their own unique sound. Some people call what they do “folk-punk”, others call it “a bluegrass traveling circus” and everyone who’s seen them live rightfully call Larry and His Flask “down right WILD”. But no matter what you call it, this is a band that has to be seen to be believed.

Redwood Son

Since being named “Best New Artist” at the 2011 Portland Music Awards, Redwood Son has done a great deal of growing up. The road will do that to a person, and with 60k miles under his belt over the past 3 years, you can see why there is a new found focus for 2015.

Sarah Billings

A pretty little thing with a kitten strut and a church smile, Ms. Billings is not yet what one might call seasoned, but she has nevertheless been swiftly welcomed into the oftentimes exclusive blues family—which should tell you something—gigging with the respectable likes of the Norman Sylvester Band, Renato Caranto, and Portland’s own Boogie Cat. Her band as well will strike you more as baby-faced beginners than the grizzled sort of blues cats that often grace the stages of Buffalo Gap or Knuckleheads. However, like Billings, they’ll surprise you with their chops.

Sir Mix A Lot

Sir Mix-A-Lot parlayed a gonzo tribute to women with large buttocks into hip-hop immortality. But even before he struck crossover gold, Sir Mix-A-Lot was one of rap’s great D.I.Y. success stories. Coming from a city — Seattle — with barely any hip-hop scene to speak of, Mix-A-Lot co-founded his own record label, promoted his music himself, produced all his own tracks, and essentially pulled himself up by the proverbial American bootstraps. Even before “Baby Got Back,” Mix-A-Lot was a platinum-selling album artist with a strong following in the hip-hop community, known for bouncy, danceable, bass-heavy tracks indebted to old-school electro.

Most recently, Sir Mix A Lot has performed with the Seattle Symphony. The rapper's appearance at Benaroya Hall came about as part of the Seattle Symphony's Sonic Evolution series, which commissions new orchestral work inspired by Seattle's music icons. Gabriel Prokofiev, a London-based composer, DJ and producer (and grandson of the Russian composer Sergei Prokofiev), orchestrated "Baby Got Back" as well as the 1988 track "Posse on Broadway."

The Student Loan String Band

What started as a solo MC/guitar looping project transformed into a vibrant live band featuring funky baselines, flashy horns, fresh beats and gritty melodic conscious hip hop vocals backed by psychedelic instrumentation with hints of *Black Keys + The Roots + Sound Tribe Sector 9.  

Wil Kinky Trio

Wil's Sound is like John Mayer meets Ray Lamontagne at a radio concert. Its Blues, Soulful with an Alternative edge. Born and raised outside Portland on a blueberry farm near Cornelius, OR, hard work has always been a part of his life. Wil Kinky takes that same work ethic to music, with a love and a passion for it you can feel.


Earth Wind and Fire Tribute Band

Kalimba, a Earth, Wind and Fire tribute band will knock your socks off as they take the stage two separate times during the Bend Summer Festival. Reviving one of the greatest bands of all time, you’ll hear the greats including “September”, “Let’s Groove”, “Shining Star”, “Boogie Wonderland”, among many more. 

High Street Band

"The High Street Experience" has been sweeping from New York to Las Vegas since the Early 90’s! Founded as a Jazz Quartet by Drummer Bruce Wehler, Bassist Tim Swanson, Keyboardist Stuart Dennis and Sax man Randy McKellip, High Street soon added a Full Horn Section, adopted Zoot Suits and when they added Front Man Matt Summers and pro Sax man Steve Goff they incorporated the "High Street Experience.

Nu Shooz

In April 1985 Valerie Day, John Smith, and their band NU SHOOZ, released the five-song EP ‘Tha’s Right!’. Acting on a dare from a local music writer, Gary Bryan of Portland Oregon’s KKRZ put the song “I Can’t Wait” on the air. Listener reaction was strong and immediate- the kind of response known in radio jargon as ‘Instant Phones.’ But this was no overnight sensation. By the time the whole world heard about the Soul band from Oregon, they’d spent seven years onstage, four hours a night, four or five nights a week. So, when their spotlight moment came, the Shooz could get up and play. By the end of the year “I Can’t Wait” was a regional hit. But the song really took off when it was remixed by Dutch DJ Peter Slaghuis. Atlantic Records signed the band in January 1986. “I Can’t Wait” eventually reached #3 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other hits followed. NU SHOOZ was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy in 1987. What a long, strange, beautiful trip it's been. Fast forward to the present…  

After a lengthy hiatus from the world of pop/funk and soul, (to raise a family and play other styles of music,) Valerie and John revive the Nu Shooz sound. The husband and wife team are back on the road as part of the Super Freestyle Explosion Tour and the live eight piece band, Shoo-Horns and all, are playing shows for the first time in 25 years.  

And the journey continues...

Soul Benders

Soul Benders musical repertoire ranges from popular rock n' roll to classic soul. Ever the consummate professionals, Soul Benders  know it's tbers of Soul Benders have toured, performed with and shared the stage with legendary bands such as; Credence Clearwater Revival, Atlanta Rythym Section, Santant, Doobie Brothers, Steve Miller and many more! Each member is an accomplished showman and musician. Featuring soulful vocals, virtuous instramental performances and taut arrangements, Soul Benders never fail to satisfy their audience wherever they play. 

Precious Byrd Party Band

Precious Byrd is a 4 piece high energy dance/rock band from beautiful Bend, OR. Featuring Corey Parnell on vocals, Casey Parnell on lead guitar, Michael Summers on drums, and grammy award winning artist Lonnie Chapin on bass. Their fantastic renditions of modern and classic hits, along with a number of high energy originals, are sure to get you on your feet.  


Passionate about the saxophone, its characteristics and possibilities, The Quadraphonnes are adventurous! These strong, talented, ladies break the boundaries of the saxophone quartet with their mighty chops, tantalizing grooves, soaring solos and dynamic vocals. Covering a variety of musical styles from jazz-funk-pop, to avant-garde, gypsy-punk and classical, the quads put on a great show! Celebrating their 8th year together, they have released a second album, Get the Funk Out! It is all funk, all original and features their booty-shaking rhythm section with guest appearances from guitarist, Jennifer Batten. Mary-Sue Tobin, Chelsea Luker, Mieke Bruggeman and Michelle Medler are multi-talented, serious musicians who defy the idea that four beautiful women playing saxes is just a gimmick! The Quadraphonnes will blow you away!  



Fine Artist Promenade | Saturday and Sunday | Wall Street between Oregon and Franklin


Stroll through the more than 150 fine artists and craftspeople as they fill the street with their handwork, design and artistry. Traveling to Bend from all over the state, region and country, these fine artists bring color and life to the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival Presented by Hayden Homes and The Source Weekly!

It's an ideal place to find that special gift or one-of-a-kind piece that will bring you (or someone you love) happiness for years to come.


2015 ​Official Fine Art | "Blue Guitar with Bird" by Shelli Walters


In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by The Source Weekly and Hayden Homes, the official fine art for the festival features Bend native, Shelli Walters. "Blue Guitar with Bird" is featured on the official event fine art poster. 

Shelli has turned her passion for art and design into a 20+ year career as an art director and graphic designer and more recently into a contemporary fine art painter. She has been a Bend resident since childhood and is a member at Tumalo Art Company.

Shelli's painting process is a synthesis of having a plan and allowing the work to evolve. She paints from her thoughts and experiences, exploring images ranging from landscapes and flowers, to animals and bicycles. Her intention is to evoke a sense of freedom, joy and empowerment through images everyone can relate to. "My paintings are an imperfect commingle of paint, typography, graphics, pattern, sketch and texture. Discovering the surprises and mixing these elements reveal in every painting as I push and pull paint around the surface keeps me engaged and inspired."





2015 Best of Show Recipient | Ping Zang 

PIng Zang.png

Ping Zhang-Based out of Bellingham, WA, Ping Zhang acquired a solid handmade skill from her grandparents and has devoted herself to embroidery art for more than 30 years. She has won multiple national awards in fiber arts exhibitions. Her unique works showcase not only tremendous skill, but provide a near photographic like image in their delicate beauty.







TerraSteel Fine Art Promenade Performance Square | Intersection of Wall & Minnesota

 Saturday, July 11th  Sunday, July 12
 11am |  Academie de Ballet

 Central Oregon Aerial Arts

En Plein Air with Nathan Sowa

 12pm |  Terpsichorean Dance Studio and Company  
 12:45pm |  Peruvian Music and Dance  (1pm) Central Oregon Aerial Arts 
 1:30pm |  Warm Springs Tribal Dance  
 5 & 7pm | Central Oregon Aerial Arts   


 dance-studio.png  warm-springs.png  11169216_373544822829550_1247863979835304342_o.jpg




Sunday, July 12

11am - 1pm | En Plein Air with Nathan Sowa

Nathan Sowa 1.jpg

Nathan Sowa, an accomplished painter and educator, will teach an en plein air class where participants will learn new techniques allowing artists to capture the spirit and essence of the local landscape by incorporating natural light, color and movement into their works. Class registration is required. Fee $35. Limited to first 15 registrations. Please RSVP to to sign-up. The first five registrations will receive a complimentary artists gift.

About Nathan: was born in Agana, Guam, in 1976.  He took a degree in philosophy at Oregon State University in 2000.  His final year in college was spent on exchange in Lyon, France, where he skipped classes to go draw at the museum and realize his passion for traditional art. Three years later he enrolled at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy, where he studied from 2004-2008.  He was later hired to teach at the FAA in Gothenburg, Sweden, from 2008-2010.  He is a founding member of the painting group Bjäremålarna, begun in the summer of 2006.

2015 Featured Artists

A sampling of this year's artists bringing pottery, photography, fiber arts and clothing, 2D fine art, 3D fine art and sculpture, home and garden adornments, jewelry and more.

Blue Spruce Potteryblue-spruce-pottery-summer-fest.png

Based out of Bend Or. Handthrown functional stoneware pottery and decorative Raku fired vases and wall art.

David Scottdavid-scott-summer-fest.png
Handmade and wheel thrown stoneware and porcelain art pieces and functional pieces, fired in a gas kiln.

Peter Rousselpeter-rousse-bend-summer-fest.png
Uniquely hand crafted on a potter’s wheel, finished using alternative firing techniques.

Dori Kitedori-kite-bend-summer-fest.png
Hand crafted ceramic pieces based out of Bend, Oregon.


Elsage Designselsage-designs-bend-summer-fest.png
Block print designs, created a
nd printed entirely by hand. Using a mix of printmaking techniques we make unique and wearable art and accessories.

Elita Hill
Hand sewn, fu1-elita-hill-bend-summer-fest.pngn, mod, 100% cotton A-line skirts and headbands for ladies & girls of all ages.


Ping Zhangpin-zhang-bend-summer-fest.png
Award winning embroidery artist, continuing a solid handmade skill learned from her grandparents.

AC Jenelle Perryjenelle-perry-bend-summer-fest.png
High quality quilting cotton is used to create unique clothing for children.


Jax Hats
Hats made out of recycled clothing and drapery. Handmade, local, upcycled and artistic. These funky hats are one of a kind with individual handmade buttons embellishing each hat.

Glam Garb by Gunlis
Fashion forward recycled garments.

Vicki Green
Uniquely designed, cut and fired multiple times in a kiln to create functional, display and garden art.

Diane Montoya
Inspired by nature, the mediums of fused and stained glass to create a vision of the natural world.


MaileKai Creations

Is an extended family enterprise that specializes in melting or slumping upcycled glass bottles of all shapes and sizes.

Sabine Schran
Collins-Unique pieces fabricated in sterling silver and 14k or 18k gold. Etching and roller printing techniques are used to achieve textures on the metals.

Denise Harrison
Memorable jewelry pieces from photos. Multi-step process includes etching, lost wax casting, fabrication, stone setting & handmade chains. Each piece is handmade in my studio in Bend,OR.

Silver Rock Design
Hand fabricated, one of a kind sterling silver jewelry, featuring custom cut cabochons.


Family Fun Street | Saturday & Sunday | Oregon Street between Bond & Lava

Come enjoy hours of entertainment on the Family Fun Street! Click here to become a vendor.








Main Attractions and Vendors

  • Angelina’s Face Painting
  • Bend Cheerleaders Dunk Tank (hosted by The City of Bend)
  • Inflatables and Bouny Fun
  • The Spintzers
  • Desert Sky Montessori
  • Uhane Hula & Aerial Dancers
  • Spontaneous Painting
  • The Authentic Firetruck



Showcase | Saturday & Sunday | Wall Street between Oregon Ave and Greenwood Ave

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Summer Festival presented by Hayden Homes and The Source Weekly is please to welcome back the Conscious Living Showcase. It's a wonderfully popular shout-out to those businesses who help us live a healthy lifestyle in Central Oregon. This year the showcase will boast more than 50 exhibitors from the areas of:

  • Outdoor Sports and Recreation
  • Home and Nature
  • Healing and Wellness
  • And, Home Energy Conservation

Participating Companies


Sunlight Solar.jpgSunlight Solar Energy     GreatNorthern-logo-BW.jpgGreat Northern Window & Door


Alta Rock Energy

American Painting

Austin Chiropractic

Bellissimo Body Care 

Bend Energy Challenge

Bend Whole Health

Berkshire Hathaway NW Real Estate

B-Line Clinic

Bright Side Animal Center

Casa Real Furnishing

College Pro Painters

Consumer Cellular

Country Financial

Cutco Cutlery

Desert Sky Montessori

doTERRA Wellness

DS Johnson Enterprises

El Nava Cell Phone & Accessories


Esthetix MD

Farmers Insurance Pedersen Agency

Farmers Insurance Shull Agency

Green Savors

High Desert Wildlife & Rehabilitation

   Title Sponsor: Wild Birds Unlimited

   Presenting Sponsor: NW Quality Construction


Home Heating & Cooling

IQ Massager

LeSante Nutrition

Lifetime Windows & Doors

Living Well Therapy

N Hance Wood Renewal

Nerium International


NW Green Panels

Premier Aesthetics Institute

Solar Light

SOS Alarm

The Hardwood Floor Company

Tower Garden Juice Plus

Time Share Exit Team



Turf-N Central Or

Wood Family Homes


You Angel You

Zax Rax




Gourmet Jazz, Food & Wine Street

Cascade Sotheby's International Realty Gourmet Jazz, Food & Wine Street| Saturday and Sunday | Minnesota Avenue

Minnesota Street becomes the hub for gourmet artisans from ​the Pacific Northwest to sip, graze and absorb the best free live jazz in Oregon! This year, we pair a stellar line up of jazz musicians with world-class wines from Oregon, salts, oils, spices, exotic prepared food and more. Learn how to complement your foodie repertoire from the source, on the street, and with friends.

Navidi's Olive Oil & Vinegars

Bucha Buena Kombucha

Barcelona's Finishing Sauces

Northwest Bierhaus Jerky

Mi Distinctive Tastes

Nobel Estates Winery

Cooper Ridge Vineyard

The Beautiful Pig

Humm Kombucha

Stone Griffon Vineyard

Justy's Jelly

Sweet Alchemy

DANI Naturals


Tumalo Lavender

Element Fox Jewelry

Barcelona’s Finishing Sauces

Barcelona's Cooking Sauces is an effort to create a family, local, hands-on business that shares Enrique and Dolores' old family sauces with their friends and neighbors in Central Oregon. They developed a whole system of sauces, which consisted of two universal sauces used as a base for a variety of dishes from different cultures aench, and more. This system offers incredible flexibility and great authenticity, providing genuine international gourmet flavors in minutes.

Dolores and Enrique also created several specialty sauces used in traditional dishes. Such is the case for Mole Poblano, the signature sauce of Mexican Haute cuisine, and other centuries’ old family recipes.

Bucha Buena Kombucha

Bucha Buena, started in 2014 by me, Brooke Moore, brewed by Brit Nelson, long time beer brewer in Bend. Our Kombucha is pure, flavored with only real fruit.  Our flavors are Blackberry Lime, Lemon Strawberry Delight (LSD), Razzle Dazzle (raspberry), Blueberry Ginger, and Watermelon Lime (summertime only).  Find us at Parilla, Mothers, Jacksons Corner, Salud, The Lot, and many more!

Cooper Ridge Vineyard

Cooper Ridge wines are produced with all estate grown grapes. Our twelve acres are planted with seven varietals including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Tempranillo, Riesling, Viognier & Gruner Veltliner. Our tasting room is located in the heart of the Umpqua with a breathtaking panoramic view over Garden Valley.

DANI Naturals

Our story started with a passion to create all-natural, true-to-the-earth body care products… and today that passion remains strong. Building on the craft that Danielle Easly Nye began in 1996, we continue to create the finest products with the purest ingredients that nature provides. We are inspired daily by the beauty that surrounds us. Not only in nature but in people. As the saying goes, 'it's what is on the inside that counts'… and what you will find at the heart of DANI are good people making great products. Visit our Ingredient Benefits page to see the goodness that goes into each of our products. Daily doses of natural wonder are part of everyday life from our base in Bend Oregon. Snow-capped peaks at every angle, the serenity of flowing water and sunshine that barely breaks... Mother Nature never fails to inspire! This inspiration is the driving force behind the crux of DANI products. What you will find are 100% vegetable oil bases, pure soy waxes, essential oil blends and many organic ingredients. What you won't find is petroleum, paraben, artificial colors, dyes, animal by-products, or sodium or ammonia laurel/laureth sulfates. Experience DANI and know that we strive to make Mother Nature proud. Will have a special edition "Bend" candle being introduced at the Bend Summer Festival!

Humm Kombucha

Our family has been brewing kombucha for over 20 years; a tradition passed down from a mother to a son, from that son to his wife, from that wife to her best friend. Jamie and Michelle set out to make the tastiest kombucha ever, to offer it in bulk to minimize environmental impact, and to make it affordable to everyone. From the early days of brewing in the kitchen and delivering gallon jugs door-to-door, to our newest automated brewery and now one of the largest producers of draft kombucha in the US, they have stayed true to that promise. They believe it is their calling to care for their community and spread health, love and joy to all things they touch. We hope you can feel it too.

Justy’s Jelly

My Family owned jellies have enticed taste buds everywhere for more than 15 years!

From coast to coast and beyond, word has come back to me that these jellies are pretty darn good.The Pineapple Jalapeno combination of juicy, sweet pineapple and just the right amount of jalapeno peppers create a flavor explosion sure to capture your attention.

The Pineapple Roasted Garlic is simply the best garlic jelly around! Garlic roasted to golden perfection and sweet tropical pineapple combined with a special blend of spices make my jelly a unique cooking taste treat.

Mi Distinctive Tastes

Distinctive Tastes brings you both the sweet and the savory for your kitchen and your table. California-based Balsamic Vinegar producer, Distinctive Tastes, was built on the finest quality balsamic vinegars and extra virgin olive oils found in the western United States. Founded by the Bartolomei family of the Ukiah Valley, they began crafting flavor infusions to complement any dish and palate. Today, they have become the go-to brand for balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oils. The Distinctive Taste mixtures have far surpassed the expectations of our customers as we continue to strictly regulate the quality standards of our ingredients. Distinctive Tastes travels to festivals and specialty food fairs throughout the western US. Recently, we have begun shipping our products all across the nation and into Mexico. Now, our Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars are available for your convenience online in addition to being a staple at many of your local and annual events.

Navidi’s Olive Oil & Vinegars

A place to experience the most unique flavors from around the world. Navidi’s, a specialty food store, offers Hand Select Olive Oils, Sweet Italian Vinegars, Local Hand Crafted Pastas, Blended Asian Loose Teas, and Special Flavored Sea Salts. At Navidi’s we invite customers to touch, smell, and taste the quality of our products. We take pride in educating customers to the differences in Olive Oil and Vinegar, how to identify quality, and how to eat healthy. We offer recipes and suggest pairings. Our products are perfect for the family cook or hard to shop for friend. We thank you in advance for shopping our store, we rely on customer referrals, please share this site with the ones you know and love.

Nobel Estates Winery

Noble Estate is a family owned winery and vineyard located near Eugene, Oregon in a small wine growing region of the South Willamette Valley. This area has been blessed with a climate similar to that in France and the volcanic soils of Oregon contribute a delicacy that enhances our wine flavors. Each bottle of Noble Estate wine brings a taste of the local terroir paired with the view from the original Noble Estate tasting room. At Noble Estate we work hard to produce delicious, high quality wines- many of which are award-winning. Our vineyards are LIVE Certified Sustainable and Salmon-Safe. The Noble Estate Wine Collection consists of Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Viognier, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Malbec, Petite Sirah, Meritage, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, and Passion.

Northwest Bierhaus Jerky

I'd like to introduce NW Bierhaus Jerky and Oregon Wine Country Jerky - the newest freshest flavor in the Northwest. NW Bierhaus Jerky and Oregon Wine Country Jerky have created a local product that is not only a gourmet treats, but it also captures the Northwest love of beer and wine. Our jerky is marinated with local craftsman brews then handcrafted to a tender flavorful delight.NW Bierhaus Jerky and Oregon Wine Country Jerky are 100% USDA certified and have all natural ingredients with no sodium nitrates as a packaging preservative. This jerky stands alone in the world of Jerky, you will understand once you have sampled it! Proudly using Oregon wines and NW beer, our jerky will entice your gourmet senses and carnivorous appetite.


Basically, exposing roots and wrapping them in moss for a striking display, originated in Japan, known as kokedama, which quite literally translates to "moss ball". Kokedama  is the practice of removing a root system from its container, surrounding it in soil, almost making a mud cake, then wrapping the whole mess in moss. Kokedama arrangements were generally used as art for alters, and this ancient gardening technique inspires me....

The Beautiful Pig

In the year 1981, Christopher Leach had the good fortune to find himself on a train crossing the French countryside to Paris.  It was on that first European adventure that 

Christopher discovered charcuterie, a wondrous world of flavor and texture that would change his life in the years to come.  A seed was planted in the heart and mind of a young cellist that would grow into a passion.  That passion now has a name:  The Beautiful Pig.  Christopher developed more than twenty original recipes for pork and beef products inspired by the traditions of Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Hungary aand the USA. 

Sweet Alchamy

I have enjoyed creating herbal honey infusions and tinctures for years and am now doing what I love for a living. Alchemy is defined as the process of taking something ordinary and turning it into something extraordinary, sometimes in a way that cannot be explained. That is what I've done with Honey, one of natures antibiotics. When infused with a wide variety of herbs honey is transformed into Sweet Alchemy. 

Tumalo Lavender

Tumalo Lavender is a farm owned by Gordon and Judy Knight. Before deciding to become lavender farmers, they spent three years researching, investigating, and reading extensively about lavender.Their quest took them to lavender farms throughout the Northwest. They became knowledgeable about growing, processing and working with lavender. They found the right varieties that would adapt and survive in the climate of Central Oregon.In June 2005, Tumalo Lavender’s 10 acres had its first 1,000 test plants prepared and planted. The following year, Gordon and Judy planted over 6,000 plants showcasing 15 varieties of lavender. All the lavender varieties were selected for their beauty, climate hardiness, oil, scent and color. At present time, they have approximately 10,000 lavender plants in the field representing over 20 different varieties from white to violet, pink, blue and several shades of purple.


Tangerine 2.png


Food Promenade | Friday through Sunday | Wells Fargo Bank Parking Lot

The following vendors will be available during all festival hours:

  • Addy Macs Creamery
  • Al Forno Ferruzza
  • Bab City Kabobs
  • Barley Beef
  • Bates Steak house and Catering
  • Codfather
  • Cuppa Yo
  • Demetris
  • Dump City Dumplings
  • Famous Kettle Corn
  • Fishermans Grotto
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Idas Cupcakes
  • Island Noodles
  • Jumbo Size Tamales
  • Keoke 
  • Linds Concessions
  • Mauna Kea Grill
  • Mountain Coffee
  • New York City Subs
  • Parilla
  • Philly style
  • Pizza Cart
  • Pretzel City Pretzels
  • Ricos Tacos
  • Suzie Q’s Sweet Things
  • T-Blues Cajun BBQ
  • Thai on the Fly
  • Willamette Valley Cheese
  • Wok star Foodtruck

Beer | Wine | Sprits | Friday through Sunday | Various Locations Across Festival

Visit the Deschutes Brewery Libation Stations located throughout the festival space.

Serving the following:

From Deschutes Brewery

  • ​Twilight
  • Mirror Pond Pale Ale
  • Black Butte Porter
  • Chainbreaker White IPA
  • Deschutes River Ale
  • Pinedrops IPA

From Atlas Cider Co:

  • Raddler Summer Seasonal
  • Hard Blackberry Cider

And from Bendistillery's Crater Lake Vodka:

  • Ginger Lemon Drop (With Crater Lake Ginger Lemon Vodka)
  • Summer Sangria (With Crater Lake Vodka)

As well as a selection of white and red wines


Policies & Contacts

Policies & Contacts


Festival Dates & Hours:

  • Friday, July 10th | 5-11pm
  • Saturday, July 11th | 11am - 11pm
  • Sunday, July 12th | 11am - 5pm

Admission & Parking

Downtown Bend - Downtown Bend is a launching point to discovering all the wonders of Central Oregon. Downtown bend is the the center of the community where people gather to enjoy the Central Oregon. The historic downtown features over 325 diverse businesses & many fun events.

ADA-Access-Symbol-Sign-6x6-medium.gifFor accommodations please contact Kilee Johnson, ADA Compliance Manager, email: or call: (503) 338-8829

Dog Policy

We love your dogs, but please leave them at home. Bringing your dog down to the event is a violation of city code(s):
7.396 (1) “Interfered with conduct of special event by bringing dog to event.”
7.398 (2) “Failing to comply with condition of special event by bringing dog to event.”
City of Bend Police will be on hand and violations are a Class A civil infraction and could result in a $500 fine.

CLICK HERE for parking maps

CLICK HERE for F​requentely Asked Questions


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