The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival

As fall gracefully eases its way onto the scene and provides a time to harvest and give thanks, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a community gathering. The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival, presented by The Source Weekly brings a celebration of all things fall to downtown Bend. Fall-themed activities including contests, music, art, and food that will thrill attendees of all ages.

Presented by: The Source Weekly & Hayden Homes

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Friday, October 3rd (5pm - 10pm)
Saturday, October 4th  (11am - 10pm)
Sunday, October 5th (11am - 5pm)

Location: Downtown Bend

Bend Live Music and Festival

Free Concerts On Two Stages

Fine Artist Promenade

Conscious Living Showcase

Fall Into Fun Street

Harvest Market

Over 30 Food Vendors


Vending Opportunities:

Visit for applications under the "JOIN" tab



2013 Featured Music Performers by Day

Friday Night, October 4th 

Friday Night Kick-Off Concert on The Peak 104.1 Mainstage:

located at the intersection of Oregon and Bond Street:


5pm Chiringa! 

Chiringa 2.jpg

The mission of ¡Chiringa! to inspire each person to express their own sexy dance,

receivingthe tastiness of Latin music no matter their background. In addition to

facilitatinga dance party, ¡Chiringa! invites audience participation musically, pulling

everyoneinto the groove with their voices, bodies, and instruments and making it

truly a communal celebration! 

7:30pm  Mosley Wotta 
MoWo Photo.jpg

MOsley WOtta is both a full live band 

and solo performer Jason Graham. He 

is a prize winning competitive poet and 

performer. Both his visual and auditory 

artistic expressions of art inspires us to find.  

 9:30pm Larry & His Flask 
 Larry and His Flask 2011.jpg

Over the past two years Larry and His Flask 

has gone from crawl to sprint at breakneck speed. 

Jamin Marshall moved from gargling-nails vocals 

to drums. Guitarist Ian Cook became the band’s 

primary voice. And a trio of talented pickers and 

singers — Dallin Bulkley (guitars), Kirk Skatvold

 (mandolin) and Andrew Carew (banjo) — joined 

the family. (And no, you didn’t miss something. 

No one is named Larry.)


Friday Night Kick-Off Concert on
 KPOV Locals Only Stage:
 Presented by Rely Local  
 5pm Boxcar Stringband  


Boxcar Stringband is a three man rock and roll blues machine that plays an eclectic mix of old rock and roll,blues, hillbilly rock and rockabilly music.  While the band is based out of Bend, Oregon, it’s members bring influence from the greater pacific northwest and far beyond. 

 7:30pm Second Hand Soldiers  
 Secondhand Soldiers.jpg
WorldBeat Reggae Pop Funk with Soul! 
Secondhand Soldiers has acquired its own 
sound influenced by its diverse members.
 This lively group believes that having 
fun on stage is the key to great music.
 9:30pm Moon Mountain Ramblers

 Moon Mountain Ramblers 2.jpg
 TheMoon Mountain Ramblers have always
 stayed on the creative edge of acoustic music. 
At first glance, the Ramblers may look like a 
traditional bluegrass band, with the classic
 instrumentation of fiddle, mandolin, acoustic
 guitar and upright bass. However, with the 
addition of full percussion and musical inspirations
 with no boundaries, this band has truly found 
their own unique niche in the world of acoustic music. 

Saturday, October 6


On The Peak 104.1 Mainstage


 11am Tim Snider  
Tim Snider.jpg

Tim Snider is a energetic and intense performer! Playing the violin since the young age of three, it is no surprise he has master several different instruments including the electric violin, guitar and cajon.  Using a combinations of instrument and skill Tim's music can be described as a world- fold- jazz hybrid. 

 1pm Redwood Son  
Redwood Son Color.jpg


Boasting a 20 Song double-disc debut album

 titled “The Lion’s Inside” he brings a dynamic 

versatility that crosses the borders of their West

 Coast Americana with hook-laden Roots-Rock 

and Alt. Country, while maintaining an authentic 

Universal “Pop” vibe.



MBRASCATU definitely has a sound all their own. With a strong Italian influence due in large part to Algieri, the bandleader, their sound will definitely take you through the old world streets ofItaly.  This strong Italian influence combined with the sounds of the Portland music scene definitely gives the band a unique, enjoyable sound.  So come take a trip oversees and enjoy MBRASCATU! 

5:30pm The Bradley Band  

7:30pm Rootdown

ROOTDOWN was formed in the summer of 2007 when lead singer Paul Wright moved back toOregon and reunited with his musical buddies Matt Salinas and Craig Paulsen.  Together the trio found a unique alternative sound with reggae/ rock undertones.  After releasing their first full length CD inMay of 2011, their song award winning song "All I Wanna Do" received nation radio play.
 9:30pm Jelly Bread

Jelly Bread 2.jpg
 JellyBread, emerging out of Reno, NV, is a tour de force of full frontal funk,thoroughly steeped in a Rock-Americana style, with a dash of rollicking indiealt-rock radio appeal. JellyBread is fronted by award winning songwriter and lap steel player, DaveBerry, and vocalist and beast of drummer, Cliff Porter. The band melds elements of a high desert twang and Oakland funk & rock through musical alchemy to produce a chameleonic playlist, dubbed as “moonshine funk & heavy soul”.  

KPOV Locals Only Stage
Presented by Rely Local http://http//


located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot:


11am Miguel De Alonso

Born in Mexico, Miguel de Alonso plays Mexican 

andSouth-American traditional music since the age 

of 12. His music is characterized by the extensive use 

of Latin percussion, rumba flamenco rhythms,powerful

 guitar strumming and brilliant guitar soloing techniques.

 1pm Lino Alessio  
 llino 2.jpg

Lino has an incredibly unique and versatile layering 

of guitars in combination with acoustic and classical 

instruments and his bold blending of musical styles- 

it's what makes his music so distinctive.

 3pm Kylan Johnson  
 music kylan johnson.jpg  A colorful collection of bluesy love tunes
guaranteed to catch the ear of any listener.
When you listen to Kylan Johnson it is a guarantee
 that you will feel satisfied. So sit back, relax,
and let the blues soak in. 

 5:30pm Cheyenne West Acoustic  
 Cheyenne West.jpg
With Janis Joplin and Patsy Cline influences, 
this is one 23 year old Country Music Singer with a 
SERIOUS Rockn' Roll Attitude! 
 7:30pm Tone Red  
 What was originally just a “side project,” this 
group of local All-star musicians have produced 
an instant local rage. Down home rock, blues, 
and country soul tunes bring a groove and dance-heavy
 night every time. 
 9:30pm The Rum & The Sea  
 The Rum and The Sea.jpg
 "simple" no longer is the adjective that comes to mind 
when watching this Indie/Folk/Rock/Whatever fits their 
current mood band blow the roof off of whatever venue 
they happen to be playing. To be sure, there are moments 
in their sets when they achieve an almost primal element; 
when vocal harmonies shine through, and the intense 
emotion behind a song reaches out and grabs you by the ears, 
but that only belies the underlying complexity of the ensemble. 

Sunday, October 7

 On The Peak 104.1 Mainstage  

 11am, Gospel Choir of the Cascades  

Founded in the spring of 2007, The Gospel 

Choir of the Cascades prides itself on the 

diversity of both its members and its musical 

style.  With a choir motto like “Come and Be 

Moved”it is clear this group of 25 talented 

musicians and singers are focused on an 

audience- friendly show.  Come share in their 

fun times and good vibes! 

 1:30pm Five Pint Mary  
 Five Pint Mary.jpg

Five Pint Mary is an eight-piece Celtic rock 

band located in Bend. Upbeat, loud, spirited, 

and rollicking, they play a unique blend of 

Celtic rock with an edge of punk. Influenced 

by traditional and original music played in 

Ireland, Scotland, Newfoundland, & America.

 3:30pm Tony Smiley  

This musical savant loops his way through a 

unique genre of music that you won’t find 

anywhere else. All with witty, engaging, and 

energetic stage presence. His cosmic dance 

of electric melodies mixed with world beats, 

Mongolian throat singing and beat-boxing 

have earned the loop ninja a cult like following 

that repeatedly embarks on his musical journey.


On the KPOV Locals Only Stage 

Presented by Rely Local-

 located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot  
 11am Three Quarter Short Band  
 Three Quarter Short.JPG

Known for their tight vocal harmonies and 

solid musicianship, local band ThreeQuarter Short 

has been entertaining audiences throughout

 Oregon for years. This four piece band has an 

incredibly diverse song list and loves to get

 people out on the dance floor. 

 1pm Grit & Grizzle  
 Grit and Grizzle.jpg
 Growling vocals, spine tingling banjo and 
a heart-throbbin' bass, all sit behind a haunting
 country rhythm. Come get a taste of our 
boot-stompin',knee-slappin', finger-lickin', 
true blue, backporch music on the streets 
of downtown Bend.
 3pm TBA  

The Fine Artist Promenade for 2013 will be a lively mix of curated Art and Craft, showing work of over 125 participants.

 2013 Best of Jury and other Featured Artists

Cynthia Lucas.jpg

Best of Jury: Cynthia Lucas
Bella Sisters combines recycled materials and high quality wool to create one of a kind jackets. Perfect for the fall and winter months. Each piece created is one-of-a-kind, never to be replicated. Each design gives off a vintage, cozy feel for all ages to enjoy. Her work can be found is a number of boutiques throughout the Northwest. The Bella Sisters journey started almost 10 years ago, where Cynthia's creativity was noticed at a successful flea market and from there on her creations have gotten more well known, creative, and fashionable. 


 Erin Pietsch.jpg
 Jany Raethe Seda.jpg

 Ceramics by Erin Pietsch

Artist Website

 Paintings by JanyRae Seda

Artist Website

Other 2013 Artists Included:
Tamara Adams
Christine Allen
TJ Anderson
Jen Aylward
Michael Barnes 
Terri Bailey
Ryan Beard
Lalove Benedict
Francesca Berrini
Chris Brady
Walter Brown
Kate Carder
David and Sabine Collings
Dustin Cowell
Noelle Dass
Barton DeGraaf
Chad Dewilde
Caroline Dietrich
Kerin Dimeler-Laurence
Mike Dolinar
Bill Earhart
Nikkol Rae Fletcher
Nicole Flood
Paula Gibson
Michael Goulder
Sierra Gwin
Michael Gwinup
Debra Harris
Berta Heisler
Ian Herdell
Jim Holmdahl
Ann Hymas
Rin Carroll Jackson
Dwight Johnson
Joni Kauhane
Courtney Keene
Don and Judy Kennedy
Sam Klemke
Karen Klinefelter
Julie Kujawa
Janis Logan
Jeff Leonard
Dustin Logan
Cynthia Lucas
Mitch Maciona
Steve Mast
Amira Mednick
Jeffrey Murray
Jenn North
Fred Null
Jamison Olson
Kristina Perry
Lyke Poulin
Marianne Prodehl
Sharon Poteet
Samantha Pritchard
Janice Robbins
KarenLynn Robinson
Denise Sampson
Lynn Simpson
Jessica Soleil
Francois and Kyla Schneyder
Jany Rae Seda
Ben Silver
Brian Smith
Graham Smith
Andy Spencer
Linda Spring
Anita Stelle
Jessica Taylor
Sarah VanAmburg
Cassie Vanderburgh
Sheila Walker
Mindy Sue Werth
Diana White
541 Threads

Family Harvest Area
Kids 3.jpgKids 4.jpgKids 2.jpg20110930-_MG_4276.jpg20110930-_MG_4278.jpg

 Family Harvest Area – Located on Minnesota Avenue Between Wall St. and Bond St. 

Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival is all about families, and this year’s Family Harvest Area 

will be overflowing with Fall themed activities for all ages. With Halloween inspired and Harvest activities

from family focused businesses around Central Oregon, this is the time to pack up the family for a day of 

magic, play, sport and exploration!


  • TheCreation Station

Join artists and students forhands-on art projects, Saturday and Sunday!


  • Ponyrides and petting zoo from Diane's Riding Place
  • BouncyHouse Village
  • Come meetDan, The Amazing Spaghetti! Comedian, magician, balloon artist, puppets andmore! Sunday, 11am-4pm


  • FacePainting Halloween How-To Workshop

Saturday, 1pm at Angelina’s Face PaintingBooth on Minnesota

Learn from our resident face painter,Angelina, as she shares secret tricks that will help you paint magic on yourchildren’s faces this Halloween. Angelina will choose one child model for afree face painting during this workshop!

  • TheCentral Oregon Children’s Costume Swap benefiting Healthy Beginnings

Saturday and Sunday, 11am-3pm

Drop off your gently used costumes to swapfor a new frock this year. For every costume you donate, you’ll get a $5 credittowards a new costume. New costumes are $10 a piece. If you are unable todonate, you can still buy a costume for $10! All proceeds will benefit HealthyBeginnings. Costumes must be dropped off in advance at Healthy Beginnings andTK.


  • C.E.Lovejoy’s Pumpkin Painting

The tradition continues. Grab a FREE pumpkinand paint to your heart’s desire. 11am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Conscious Living Showcase

The Conscious Living Showcase on Wall Street between Oregon Avenue and Greenwood Avenue will feature businesses that are dedicated to helping attendees live a healthy, whole, and well lifestyle. More than 40 local businesses and organizations will fill the street with their knowledge and missions. Special this year will be Toys for Tots booth sponsored by Building Solution. Festival attendees are encouraged to drop off a holiday donation at this booth space!

The 2013 Exhibitors included:

Turf-N Central Oregon

Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation- sponsored by Wild BirdUnlimited

N-Hance Revolutionary Wood Renewal

Bend Spay & Neuter Project- Sponsored by Home FederalBank

American Red Cross- Sponsored by Bend Broadband Data Center

Central Oregon Veterans Outreach- sponsored by SunwestBuilders

Cascade Breath LLC

Brilliant Environmental Building Products

OSU Cascades

Green Savers USA

Sunlight Solar Energy

All Natural Pest Elimination

Great Northern Windows

Solar Light & Energy

Budget Blinds of Central Oregon

AAC Spray Foam

See Wrap It Results

American Painting

Natural Approach Chiropractic

Trout unlimited- sponsored by Subaru of Bend

Deschutes Plumbing

SOS Alarm


LeSante Nutrition

Toys For Tots- Sponsored by Building Solutions

Central Oregon Ear Nose & Throat

Partners In Care- sponsored by Hendrix, Brinich &Bertalan

Exhale Spa & Laser Center

Volunteer Connect

IQ Massager

Tower Garden

Bend Whole Health

Girl Scouts of Oregon & SW Washington

Alta Rock Energy

Met Life

Take Shape For Life

Pack A Sport

Harvest Market

fall picture 2.JPG

C.E. Lovejoy's Harvest Market

Presented by Atlas Cider Company 

CE Lovejoy's Logo.jpg

On Minnesota Avenue betweenBond Street and Lava Road

The CE Lovejoy’s Harvest Market is teeming with the colors and fragrance of Fall’s bounty. Come indulge in the beautiful produce and fine food products grown and handcrafted in our region. Sweet corn, crisp apples,juicy pears, heirloom tomatoes, vibrant flower bouquets, gourmet salts, wine,ciders, knobby gourds and stout pumpkins are just a few of the autumn treasures to be found at the market.

A few of our local farmers who will be sharing their portion with us include Kiyokawa Family Orchards, Vaquero Valley Ranch, Good EarthFarms, Juniper Grove, Juniper Jungle Farm, Severson Farms, Napa Mustard,Navidi’s Oils, DD Ranch, Chameng Family Farms, Tumalo Lavender, Justy’s Jelly, CascadeLavender, Holm Made Toffee, Fur Friends Doggie Bakery, Heather Valentine oils.

Sparrow Bakery’s  BestPumpkin Pie in Central Oregon Contest will be hosted at the HarvestMarket! The contest will take place at 1pm on Saturday. Bring your best pie from your families secret recipe to The Harvest Festivities booth at the market,to be tasted and judged by local master bakers. The grand prize winner receivesa Sparrow gift certificate. Registration for the first 25 participants is available at the Sparrow Bakery.

 “Harvest Market Samplers”

Come and visit these regional producers to sample and learn

Atlas Cider Company

Noble Estate Vineyard

Kombucha Mama

Crazy Dave’s Ginger Brew

For additional information on the Harvest Market, contact TaylorMcLean at or call541-389-0995. 


Food Vending


The Bank of the CascadesBend Fall Festival, presented by The Source Weekly, will feature more than 20innovative food vendors serving savory and sweet offerings. Get your eat on in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot off of Oregon Avenue. The Carerra Motors Oktoberfest area will feature favorite foods of fall, for an Autumn Lunch experience! 


Bonta Gelato



Dump City

Famous Kettle Korn

Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Hong Kong Restaurant

Jumbo Size Tamales

Lind's Concessions

Longboard Louie's

Mauna Kea Grill

Mountain Coffee

Noi Thai


Philly Style

Pilot Butte

Pizza Cart

Rico's Tacos

Sarika Thai

Suzy Q's

Taylor's Sausage

Beer/Wine Vending

Deshutes Brewery Libation Stations will be located throughout the festival space offering a selection of finely crafted microbrews and wine, in addition to seasonal cocktails from Bend Distillery, and ciders from Atlas Cider COmpany. 

Deschutes Brewery.jpg      Bend Distillery BW copy.jpg      Chateua St Michelle 3.jpg

Policies & Contacts

Fri, October 5 (Music only!) 5pm-11pm
Sat, October 6 from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Family Harvest Area, Conscious Living, Fine Artist Promenade and Harvest Market close at 6 p.m.
Sun, October 7 from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission & Parking

Dog Policy
No dogs allowed.


Downtown Bend on Wall Street, Oregon Avenue and Minnesota Avenue.

ADA-Access-Symbol-Sign-6x6-medium.gif For accommodations please contact C3 Events, 389-0995 or

Click here for festival map.

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