The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival

The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival

As fall gracefully eases its way onto the scene and provides a time to harvest and give thanks, it’s the perfect time to enjoy a community gathering. The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival, presented by The Source Weekly and Hayden Homes brings a celebration of all things fall to downtown Bend. Fall-themed activities including contests, music, art, and food that will thrill attendees of all ages.

Presented by: The Source Weekly & Hayden Homes

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Friday, October 2nd (5pm - 10pm)
Saturday, October 3rd  (11am - 10pm)
Sunday, October 4th (11am - 5pm)

Location: Downtown Bend

Bend Live Music and Festival

Free Concerts On Two Stages

Fine Artist Promenade

Conscious Living Showcase

Fall Into Fun Street

Harvest Market

Over 30 Food Vendors

Call For Artists Open

Apply Here





BSF Peak 104.1.jpg      Main Stage BSF AmFam BW.jpg

***Located at Oregon Ave and Bond St, Downtown Bend***


Friday October 2nd



Saturday October 3rd



Sunday October 5th





BW relylocal logo.jpg  Locals Only Stage  KPOV 88 9 Logo.png

***Located in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot, Downtown Bend***


Friday October 2nd



Saturday October 3rd



Sunday October 4th



The Fine Artist Promenade for 2014 will be a lively mix of curated Art and Craft, showing work of over 125 participants.


Best of Jury: Nicole and Benjamin Labonte-Sculpture

     This collaboration between husband and wife is created in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon. Both Nicole and Benjamin have a strong connection with the outdoors. Wild Slice Designs creates a reflection of nature with all of their artwork being made from discarded trees. The trees are sliced into tree rounds to produce one of a kind works of art. All maintain an organic shape that gives new life to the hanging sculptures; some forms are even created in colored stains. You can find their work on Etsy at


Other Artist Vendors include:

Adrienne Priess-Fiber

Jax Hats apparel is handmade and unique; funky, fashionable and fun for men, women and children.

Amanda Wilner-Painting

Oil paintings and encaustic on canvas and board from Bozeman, Montana.  

Angie Sebolt –Jewelry

Sterling silver, gold, leather and copper jewelry mixed with pearls and semi-precious stones.

Ann Hymas-Fiber

Clothing created from eco-friendly and up-cycled fibers, handmade in Portland Oregon with zero waste.

Bill Earhart-Ceramics

Custom-formulated, hand-thrown food tool ceramics with metaphorical functionality.

Brad Troutner-Other

Handmade pendant lights (12' to 16" diameter) made from recycled materials in various shapes and colors.

Brian Smith-Photography

Pictures taken of objects that appear to be letters, then put into customized handmade frames to make words and names.

Brooke Spehar-Jewelry

Solid bronze, copper, and silver jewelry items that are all hand forged.

Chelsey Clark-Jewelry

Old buttons are wire-wrapped in sterling silver, brass or copper to give each button an artistic and unexpected new life in the jewelry.

Cheri Smith-Glass

Boozy Baubles creates recycled glass art from solar lanterns to recycled glass jewelry.

Cherilyn SunRidge-Painting

All original acrylic on cotton canvas paintings.

Chris Wu-Other

Digitally created art inspired by sacred geometry and nature, then burned to screen, and printed to cotton and bamboo clothing.

Christine Brady-Fiber

Hotdish Aprons creates 9 styles of aprons, made from designer fabrics and are all carefully sewn by Christine.

Claire Demarest-Fiber

Fiber art angels and flowers using needle and wet felting techniques with bead and thread work woven in.

Colleen Monette-Painting

Encaustics, using plaster and tar for texture and collaging in antique ephemera.

Cynthia Brown-Growchoski-Jewelry

Bracelets made from Bicycle Spokes for men and women

Cynthia Lucas-Fiber

Using the base of a vintage blazer, then combining new wool, hoods, sleeve extensions, hand cut appliques, pin-tucks, bows, ruffles & genuine stones, to make them a one-of-a-kind piece.

Dan Wegener-Wood

Sophisticated rustic wood and metal furniture pieces with an emphasis on live edge and natural shapes.

Dan Wescott-Wood

Woodworking featuring intarsia in a very detailed and small self-created pattern using over 100 types of wood.

Deb Sunderland-Fiber

Feminine clothing and accessories made from recycled cashmere and other fine fabrics.

Denise Sampson-Jewelry

Handmade copper and beaded jewelry by Dragonfly Design.

Diana Farrell-Wood

Lamps balanced and designed with unique "High Desert Juniper" with shades made of leather from Bend, Oregon.

Diana White-Fiber

Knitwear designed with the love of nature and outdoors that always aim for comfort, warmth, and versatility.

Don Dye-Other

Repoussed copper images hand carved by the artist, most nature related. Matted, framed. Giclee prints.

Dorothy Sweet-Fiber

Sweet Noggins hats are adorable, fun, and hand knit of the highest quality natural fibers.

Dustin Logan-Metal

Hand bent and welded metal sculptures, made within a recycled window frame from the 1800's-1950's.

Dwight Johnson-Other

Bend Soap Company is made from a saponification process,  fragrance oils are added, poured into molds, and then the soap is cut.

Elisa Saucy-Jewelry

Sawing, piercing, texturing, forging, soldering, cold connections, filing, sanding, polishing, gem setting all come into play with this handmade jewelry.

Elizabeth Lee-Ceramics

All work is hand built using age old techniques, and then fired to 2300 degrees which allows it to be in all weather conditions.

Eric Langeliers-Metal

Handcrafted metal wall art that is landscape, wildlife and abstract theme.

Gary Williams-Wood

Useable wood-turned items such as bowls, platters, pens, bottle stoppers and kitchen items such as pizza cutters and ice cream scoops.

 George Perrou-Painting

Atomic Nest cuts out designs from masking tape to create one-time use templates, building layer upon layer to get the desired effect.

Graham Smith-Photography

Photos framed and unframed; metal prints and canvas prints in a variety of sizes 5"x7" through 2'x4'.

Jackie Imdahl-Other

Scrumptious Suds is a delicious line of body goods, handcrafted in Portland, Oregon inspired by desserts and cocktails.

Jany Seda-Painting

From Boise, Idaho these paintings of the west are oil on canvas and acrylic on paper.

Jeff Gracz-Photography

Abstract studies of the natural world created using available light. Images are infused into aluminum using a dye sublimation process.

Jen Alyward-Jewelry

Up-Cycled jewelry made with salvaged roofing copper, spent bullet casings and stripped electrical wire. Designs are stamped, etched, painted with auto touch-up paint and drawn with colored pencil from Bend, Oregon.

Jennifer Fajardo-Souk

Organic aloe cream from Florida.

Joan Ouchida -Other

Reclaimed, recycled and reused old sports equipment to designs and built furniture.

JoAnn Lupton-Jewelry

From Portland, jewelry that features gemstones that draw from the beauty of nature.

John Kinder-Ceramics

Functional handmade ceramics, high fire reduction stoneware.

Joni Kauhane-Fiber

G-bag is an earth-friendly and stylish garbage bag for the car; great for any clutter in the car from Newberg, Oregon.

KarenLynn Robinson-Other

BlissPillows: hull-filled therapy pillows for home and travel. In fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, silk, bamboo and hundreds of prints

Karla Piatt-Glass

Hand cut fused glass mounted on acrylic (reinforced) canvas. The glass finishes the story started with the painting. Each piece is hand designed and unique.

Kate Carder-Fiber

Tease Recyclewear makes one-of-a-kind, hip, eco-friendly fashions from recycled t-shirts; sourcing a majority of materials from vintage and thrift shops.

Kirk Casey-Other

Terrasteel Furniture Design brings a contemporary Pacific Northwest selection of custom and production crafted furniture.

Kristina Perry-Fiber

Beautiful scarves, shawls, bags and various accessories made from primarily reclaimed and natural fibers.

Lisa Middleton-Painting

Hand Painted Historic map replicas using layered watercolor and stain to give historically significant maps new life as a living room center piece from Kalispell, Montana.

 Lynne Simpson-Jewelry

Wire woven, wire wrapped and wirework fine jewelry crafted with natural semi-precious stones.

Mary Gilgenbach-Jewelry

A "Found" object collector and designer of assemblage jewelry.

Mary Poole-Jewelry

Unique and timeless hand hammered jewelry made in Missoula, Montana.

Melissa Graves-Brown-Painting

Acrylic painted canvases of contemporary landscapes, lively with color from Hailey, Idaho.

Melissa Hollis-Metal

Created from driftwood, rock, found objects and metal; though welding and forging is the main technique.

Meredith Kuhl-Fiber

Springtime Farms in Salem, Oregon uses alpaca fiber from the farm. It is spun, crocheted, knitted, and felted, depending on the product.

Michael Gwinup-Ceramics

Blue Spruce Pottery is handmade functional stoneware and decorative raku pottery.

Mike Dolinar-Wood

Americana Woodworks is handcrafted outdoor furniture in the Adirondack tradition.

Mike Ross-Wood/Other

Genuine Green Gorgeous-Natural Edge Furniture creates furniture from salvaged trees and keeps it in a sleek, organic form here in Bend, Oregon.

Nancy Almand-Other

Mixed media objects for the home from Gleneden Beach, Oregon.

Natalie Brown-Metal

From Sequim, Washington, some metal pieces use resources that have been re-purposed, like tin cans. Others are created new.

Nicholas Vracin-Other

Leather accessories handmade locally in Bend, Oregon.

Nicole Flood-Fiber

All items are made from 100% recycled clothing; are original designs, and patterns.

Pam Altree-Fiber

Material scraps found at thrift stores, rummage sales, garage sales and other similar venues are taken then turned into one of a kind piece from Silverton, Oregon.

Pat Moore-Photography

Photographs printed on canvas and displayed in floating wood frames or gallery wrap prints.Photography, printing, and framing is performed by the artist. Prints are archival w 90 years fade resistant.

Patricia Saler Trainor-Ceramics

Midfire stoneware pottery, either slab-built or wheel thrown and textured. Brushed glazes using wax-resist technique.

Paul Bianchina-Wood

Woodworking handmade in Bend, primarily lathe-turnings as well as other creations in wood, mostly high-desert, reclaimed juniper. Oil & wax and/or lacquer finished.

Peter Roussel-Ceramics

Decorative, alternatively fired ceramics, using horsehair, copper sulfate, sugar, etc.

Restorative Touch LLC-Souk

Professional, effective, and high-quality massage services tailored to restore your body’s natural health and function.

Rin Carroll Jackson-Fiber

Batik: the ancient art of using beeswax to resist dye applications on fabrics.
Use locally raised beeswax, draw the wax on and dye in layers. Sustainable use of rain water to boil wax from fabric.

Sabine Schran-Collings-Jewelry

Contemporary jewelry pieces fabricated in silver, textured with etched plates, and 14k and 18k gold with various stones.

Sam Klemke-Fine Art

On the spot caricature artist who has been at the festivals for over 18 years here in Bend, Oregon.

Scott Lundquist-Other

From Emmett, Idaho this upcycled art is inspired, designed and built using vintage ceiling tin, along with a variety of architectural, industrial and automotive elements.

Serena Kojimoto-Jewelry

A combination of modern work that is fabricated from Las Angeles, California.

Sharon Poteet-Photography

Photographs transferred to canvas, gallery wrapped, hand painted with a clear gel to give texture, depth, and vivid color which looks like a painting.

Sheila Walker-Jewelry

Handcrafted copper jewelry from here in Bend, Oregon

Sierra Gwin-Jewelry

Work inspired by nature; using found sea glass and stones.

Steve Bonora-Wood

The combined use of sustainably harvested exotic and domestic hardwoods to create elegantly styled functional culinary tools.

Steve Giardini-Photography

Gallery-quality outdoor nature and landscape, color and black and white photographs

Steve Stegall-Other

Carved natural stone, wood, and fossil ivory into jewelry pieces and table sculptures.

Suzanne Buttice-Jewelry

Handcrafted stone & copper jewelry along with handcrafted wood and stone wall art.

Terri Bailey-Metal

Giant flowers, arbors, trellises, birdbaths, garden stakes, birds, fairies, and bugs made of steel and hand painted and adorned with hand fused glass for leaves, balls, and discs.

Tyler Jarvik-Fiber

Traditional batik process clothing from Portland, Oregon.

Wendy Wooding-Glass

Work that is first created with sheet glass, crushed glass and powders that are all fused together, then cut to compose specific designs.






Family Harvest Area
Kids 3.jpgKids 4.jpgKids 2.jpg20110930-_MG_4276.jpg20110930-_MG_4278.jpg

 Family Harvest Area – Located on Oregon Ave Between Bond St. and Lava Avenue

Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival is all about families, and this year’s Struble Orthodontics Family Harvest Area 

will be overflowing with Fall themed activities for all ages. With Halloween inspired and Harvest activities

from family focused businesses around Central Oregon, this is the time to pack up the family for a day of 

magic, play, sport and exploration!


CE Lovejoy’s Pumpkin Painting

Make Your Own Mask

Photo Booth



The Great Fall Fest Maze

DD Ranch Barn Yard Animals

S’morey Telling Time



High Desert Droids

Stomp Rockets

Pinewood Derby

Carboard Tube Fighting

3D Print & Scan


Don’t miss the Family Fun Activities!

Saturday Oct 3rd




  • C.E.Lovejoy’s Pumpkin Painting

The tradition continues. Grab a FREE pumpkinand paint to your heart’s desire. 11am-3pm Saturday and Sunday

Conscious Living Showcase

The Conscious Living Showcase on Wall Street between Oregon Avenue and Greenwood Avenue will feature businesses that are dedicated to helping attendees live a healthy, whole, and well lifestyle. More than 40 local businesses and organizations will fill the street with their knowledge and missions.

N- Hance


Turf-n Central Oregon


Bend Spay & Neuter

Sponsored by Brians Cabinets


Cascade Breath


Sunlight Solar


American Painting


Great Northern Window and Door


Northwest Quality Roofing


You Angel You


SOS Alarm


Green Savers USA

Partners In Card

Sponsored By Hendrix Brinich Bertalan Attorneys At Law


Oregon Air National Guard


Living Well Therapy


Bellissimo Body Care


High Desert Rescue & Rehabilitation

Sponsored By: Wild Birds Unlimited


Central Oregon Veterans Outreach

Sponsored By Sunwest Builders


IQ Massager


Tower Garden by Juice Plus


American Board of Child Diabetes


Exhale Spa & Laser Center


Sunriver Nature Center


Prime Health Shop


Homeowner Energy Challenge


Home Heating and Cooling

OSU Cascades


Beard With Me


Alta Rock Energy


Toys For Tots

Sponsored by Building Solutions


Harvest Market

fall picture 2.JPG

C.E. Lovejoy's Harvest Market

Presented by Atlas Cider Company 

CE Lovejoy's Logo.jpg

On Minnesota Avenue between Bond Street and Wall street

The CE Lovejoy’s Harvest Market is teeming with the colors and fragrance of Fall’s bounty. Come indulge in the beautiful produce and fine food products grown and handcrafted in our region. Sweet corn, crisp apples,juicy pears, heirloom tomatoes, vibrant flower bouquets, gourmet salts, wine,ciders, knobby gourds and stout pumpkins are just a few of the autumn treasures to be found at the market.

A few of our local farmers who will be sharing their portion with us include:

Severson Farms Sweet Corn

Cascade Lavender

Navidi's Oils and Vinegars

Good Earth Farms

CE Lovejoys's

Fur Friends Doggies Bakery

Scentsy with Heather Martin

Blooms and Sweets

DS Johnson Ent.

Cutco Cutlery

Happy Nibbles

Thai on the Fly

Naked Dates

Tumalo Lavender

Bonta Gelato

La Rojisima Authentic Salsa

Cha Meng Family Farm

Tallow Balm Skin Care Cream

MJM Organics

1derful Organics

T's Tonics

Justy's Jelly

Wanderlust Soap Company

Mom's Nuts

Holm Made Toffee Co.

Global Fusion




Food Vending


The Bank of the Cascades Bend Fall Festival, presented by The Source Weekly and Hayden Homes, will feature more than 20 innovative food vendors serving savory and sweet offerings. Get your eat on in the Wells Fargo Parking Lot off of Oregon Avenue. The Kendall Auto Groups Oktoberfest area will feature favorite foods of fall, for an Autumn Lunch experience! 


Homemade Happy Cuisine

Columbia Gorge Concessions

Ronin Sushi

Three Forks

Addy Mac's Creamery

The Curry Shack

Barley Beef

Bates Catering

Chicka-D's Chicken Shack

China Station

Demetris Greek Street

Dump City Dumplings

Family Dogs Corn Dogs

Famous Kettle Korn

Fisherman's Grotto

Island Noodles

Jumbo Tamales

Linds Concessions

Noi Thai Cuisine

Pretzel City Pretzels

The Manchurian

The Pizza Cart

Beer/Wine Vending

Deshutes Brewery Libation Stations will be located throughout the festival space offering a selection of finely crafted microbrews and wine, in addition to seasonal cocktails from Bend Distillery, and ciders from Atlas Cider COmpany. 

Deschutes Brewery.png      Bend Distillery BW copy.jpg      Atlas Cider Inv.jpg


Policies & Contacts

Fri, October 3 (Music only!) 5pm-11pm
Sat, October 4 from 11 a.m. - 11 p.m. Family Harvest Area, Conscious Living, Fine Artist Promenade and Harvest Market close at 6 p.m.
Sun, October 5  from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Admission & Parking

Dog Policy
No dogs allowed.


Downtown Bend on Wall Street, Oregon Avenue and Minnesota Avenue.

ADA-Access-Symbol-Sign-6x6-medium.gif For accommodations contact

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