More people are choosing to buy locally grown produce. They also prefer—when given the chance—to purchase a local handmade item rather than a store item. That’s why farmers market’s across the country are growing in popularity. They offer great variety of locally-grown produce, great convenience—and a great setting that makes shopping not a chore but an enjoyable outing.

Northwest Crossing’s Farmers Market runs each Saturday from June 18 through September 17 and includes these amenities:

  • Live music stage with local and national acts performing as they pass through Bend, Oregon
  • More local artisans with homemade goods and an educational component (gardening, composting, etc.)
  • Patio seating where folks can grab lunch from a variety of Bend’s best food carts
  • Neighborhood brewer, Below Grade Brewing, who provides tasty beer and opportunities for folks to linger longer

Come and participate.

There’s no deadline. Participate in our farmers market for a single week or the entire season.


Harvest Market at the Bend Fall Festival is teeming with the colors and fragrance of Fall’s bounty. Our vendors provide beautiful produce and fine food products grown and handcrafted in our region. Sweet corn, crisp apples, juicy pears, heirloom tomatoes, vibrant flower bouquets, gourmet salts, wine, ciders, knobby gourds and stout pumpkins are just a few of the autumn treasures to be found at the market.  

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