munch_music3.jpgWe value our sponsors and we’re pleased that so many of our events and festivals attract local business sponsors. Because of the longevity of our events in Central Oregon, our business sponsors are continuously thanked by attendees who enjoy the opportunity to gather and celebrate the high-quality of life in Bend.

Our local sponsors know the importance of relationship-building and contributing to the community. They also know there’s a potent marketing advantage to event sponsorships. In our fast-paced, information-overloaded world, companies are finding less sales traction in rolling out a new brand campaign and doing traditional press relations. So they are embracing relationship marketing and sponsorship marketing to increase and retain customer loyalty. And they are doing this with C3’s help.

C3 Events delivers unique opportunities for business sponsors. The venues allow people to connect with each other and with local sponsors in very personal ways shortening the sales lifecycle from awareness to impression. Once impressions are made, relationships can follow.  

Our event sponsorships are packaged to meet the needs and goals of client organizations. We’ll work with you organization to learn more about your initiatives and match those initiatives with our best sponsoring opportunities. Besides banners displayed at events, our business sponsors are promoted via print advertising campaigns, social media (our Facebook page has a huge following), website promotion, Bend Broadband cable spots, radio spots and press releases.

Start nurturing your company’s interaction with customers by becoming a C3 business sponsor today.


Our sponsorships are tailored to optimize business objectives and staffing needs. Please contact us at inquiry@c3events.com for more information​.